Now is time for our auto body mechanic  who cuts metal parts damaged with rust, etc.  He use many skills such as planishing (by the use of an English Wheel) as well as various other metalworking techniques like welding, using of putty fillers etc both on steel and alloy.

In some cases is a cheaper way to buy a new metal part by the supplier than to make a difficult body work. But in some cases there is no other way but to make the parts ourselves.

We have all the necessary equipment to make all kind of metal parts at our workshop.

To cut the roof was easy :)
To cut the roof was easy :)
The floor of CTA
The floor of CTA

The floor of Cabriolet CAT must be reinforced. Step N 1

The floor of CTA
The floor of CTA

The floor of Cabriolet CAT must be reinforced. Step N 2

The damaged metal
The damaged metal

The damaged metal part must be totally cut off to stop the rust.

The new metal part is at the right place.

The damaged metal is changed.

Excellent body work.
Excellent body work.

The body mechanic has cut the rusted bottom of the door, has welded a new self made metal part


and You see no trace of his work as if it is new



By big surfaces like doors or hood the metal is going to be hot during sand blasting. It leads in many cases to waves on the metal which is not good in general and very difficult to change during prepayment of the car for painting. According to our experience  blasting can be used for frames or for parts with small surface.

Metal shot (with small metal balls).

This kind of blasting makes the metal free of rust not changing or damaging the surface. The metal balls can be of different size. So it is possible to find a good solution for each case. We do this kind of blasting  outside of our workshop by specialists for this kind of work and are conserving at the same place the metal with powder painting.

Powder painting after blasting and Epoxide covering.

After blasting we make at the same workshop powder painting by 180C to 200C. This powder covers all the metal parts. After this the body of the car, frame or doors etc will be brought to our workshop for body work. 

Since 2017 we bring all our cars to metal shot (blasting with metal balls) and powder painting.

The camera for blasting with metal balls is big enough for all the cars we make.

The metal balls can be of different size depending of the tasks.

The powder painting of the whole body is looking like this

After the blasting with metal balls before powder painting. This is CTA 11 C Cabriolet

After the powder painting by 180C to 200C the body of the car is looking like this.

Other parts of the car after powder painting. This is Rosengart Supertraction LR 539.

Frame of Rosengart Supertraction LR 539.

The body of Austin Healey 100/6 after the powder painting.