We offer for sale different cars non restored and bolt & nut restoration:

  • bolt and nut restoration cars for sale. We have on stock two new restored Citroen Avant Traction 11, Rosengart 1938 old restoration.

  • bolt&nut restored cars. We have restored them frame off. We are working now o Triumph TR3-B

  • original drivable cars like Lancia Flavia Coupe 1963, Panhard et Levassor X-72, Citroen 15/6 Malle Plate.

Lancia Flavia Coupe 1800, 1963, original, drivable, engine rebuilt.

For sale EUR 12.500 including delivery in Europe

Panhard et Levassor X-72, 1933, original, drivable.

For sale EUR 39.500,- including delivery in Europe

Rosengart Cabriolet LR4N2, 1938, old restoration.

For sale EUR 12.900,- including delivery in Europe

Triumph TR-5, Tri-Injcectors, 1968, bolt&nut restoration.

For sale EUR 55.000,- incl. delivery in Europe

Austin Healey 3000, 1959, bolt&nut restoration.

For sale EUR 87.500,- incl. delivery in Europe

Citroen 11 BN 1954, bolt & nut restoration

For sale EUR 28.500,- including delivery in Europe

Renault Cabriolet 1934, for sale

EUR 27.000,- including delivery in Europe

Panhard 1933, original, not restored for sale 

EUR 22.500,- including delivery in Europe

Aries 1934, old restoration, for sale 

EUR 27.900,- including delivery in Europe

Mercedes-Benz Feuerwehrwagen 4x4, Original, 1966, for sale 

FBW Alpenwagen 1966, frame off restoration for sale 


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We have restored / are finishing the restoration of totally more than 20 Classic Cars since 2012. Join us!

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