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We have restored / are finishing the restoration of totally more than 20 Classic Cars since 2012. Join us!


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In 2017 we are finishing following cars which we have started 2015 & 2016:  

Austin Healey 100/6 red-white, Austin Healey 100/6 blue-white, TR3B red, TR250 red, CTA Cabriolet based 11 F,

Cadillac coupe deville 1954, Rosengart LR 539 Supertraction 1939.

We are finishing as well two buses:  Renault 1932, FBW Alpenwagen. We are starting in summer 2017 one more CTA Cabriolet and two coaches: Setra S6, Setra S10 and minibus Mercedes O319. We hope to finish them in 2018. 

We have capacity to take two to three cars to work on it. Please see what we do on BodyworkPaint.

Austin Healey 100/6Blue White
This car will be ready in summer 2017
Triumph TR250
TR250 is one of the most interesting Triumph sport cars with 2,5 L engine.
Triumph TR3B is a rare model
TR3B is a good and not to expencive solution for a week end summer car.
Citroen Big Cabriolet
In 2017 we will finish the first big Cabriolet based on CTA 11 Familiale. Follow us !
Cadillac coupe deville
This is the only not European in our collection. Anyway we are going to finish it in 2017.
Setra S6 & Setra S 10
In 2917 we are going to start the restoration of them. Are we crazy ? Let us see :)
Bus Renault TN6 1932.
It is the most difficult project because of a lot of wood work. But well manage it.
Rosengart LR 539 Supertraction
This is the most beautiful Rosengart but difficult for restoration. A lot of wood work.
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